Welcome! My name is David Chung and I have been an amateur photographer for over forty years. I got my start in junior high school while living on the island of Guam.  For a science class project, I borrowed my mom’s 35mm SLR and photographed the plants of Guam on Ektachrome slide file and I was hooked!

When I came back to the states for high school I took a photography class. I got the chance to work in the darkroom developing and printing black and white film. Soon I signed up to be a yearbook photographer. On of the perks of the job was that I could get a pass from our advisor to photograph events or work in the darkroom almost anytime I wanted. My junior year on the French trip, I was the guy with the bulk loaders and four 50 foot rolls of film. (Ektachrome 64, Ektachrome 200, Plus-X Pan, and Tri-X Pan) In college I was a photographer on the newspaper staff and I carried two Pentax MX cameras with me everywhere I went.

My career has allowed me to travel all over the US and Canada as well as to Europe and India so many of my subjects are travel related. As a parent of active children I have also photographed innumerable swim meets and show choir competitions.

This site gives e a place to share my photos. Please take a look around and enjoy!