I was a member of the Linn Area Photo Club from about 2004-2007. During that time I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with a number of very talented photographers. I served 2 terms as club president and gave a number of tutorial presentations at club meetings.

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Load Histogram TutorialOne of the most powerful tools available to digital photographers is the histogram. The histogram gives photographers a precise graphical display of exposure in your images. Whether you use the histogram when reviewing images on the camera’s rear LCD, in the viewfinder (if your camera supports it) or in Photoshop, this tutorial will help you precisely control exposures. 
Load Beginners Tutorial This tutorial covers topics ranging from choosing a camera to establishing a digital workflow. It also introduces basic camera function. Keep in mind that this tutorial predates the ubiquity of cell phone cameras.
Load Color Management TutorialColor management is one of the most overlooked areas of digital photography. Color management is all about making sure that the colors you see on your compute, your camera’s LCD, your phone and in print are the same. This tutorial introduces key concepts like color space and gamut. Finally it covers practical techniques and tools to help you manage color in your photography.
Load Photgraphy and the Law TutorialFirst things first. I am not a lawyer – But I spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express last night. This tutorial gives practical advice on topics like: Where, what and whom can I photograph? Do I need a model release? How can I protect my photographs.
Load Panorama TutorialSome of the tools used in this tutorial are a bit dated. Today any high-end photo editing suite (like Photoshop) has sophisticated panorama features. Even so, the basic techniques for shooting panoramas remain the same.
Load Fall Colors TutorialFall colors are one of the most popular photo subjects. This tutorial introduces key topics for successful Fall color images. Subjects include: why leaves change, equipment, weather, subjects, composition, and light … always the light!